DRS done better

Because these Reverse Vending Machines sort plastics intelligently. And cleanly. We maintain them. We empty them. We guarantee recycling. You build customer trust.

hand seen posting a plastic bottle in a Bottld RVM (Reverse Vending Machine)

What is DRS?

  • Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) are becoming widespread throughout Europe.
  • Producers add a ‘deposit’ charge to a bottle, which is then refunded once it’s returned for recycling.
  • The UK has postponed rollout till 2025, but it is already successful in the Republic of Ireland and it WILL happen.
  • ALL vendors of soft drinks will need to be ready to manage returns.

Here at Bottld we are determined to make plastics recycling and UK Deposit Return Schemes (DRS)  easy and routine. Our end to end process will dramatically reduce the volume of plastic going to landfill and increase the volume of plastic recycling. We’re starting with bottles.

Why is this useful?

  • 70% of soft drinks are packaged in plastic. Many of these are consumed and disposed of ‘on the go’ so the bottles never reach a recycling point.
  • RVMs improve the environment by reusing existing vessels and minimising the need for raw materials during the manufacturing process.
  • Less energy is needed to produce a plastic bottle from recycled material, meaning a lower environmental impact on a material and carbon level.
  • RVMs are good space-savers, holding a lot of material but standing at the same size as your typical snack vending machine.
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What is Reverse Vending?

  • Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) are vending machines that allow you to input recycling products – usually liquid containers – in exchange for a reward or benefit.
  • RVMs increase the likelihood of recycling, because they allow individuals to drop off waste closer to the point of use.
  • RVMs can be linked to consumer loyalty schemes, charity donations or other rewards and incentives. 

Why lease Bottld RVMs?

  • Because staff & customers will love them

  • Because Bottld RVMs build confidence that plastic bottles really will be recycled – enhancing consumer ‘feel good’ and building trust
  • Bottld RVMs make plastic bottle recycling ‘on the go’ more convenient and more appealing –  meaning less plastic waste goes to landfill
  • Bottld RVMs are uniquely designed to identify plastic type without a bar code –  no need for customers to try to figure it out for themselve
  • The Bottld RVM occupies a small footprint – making it easier for organisations to accommodate in entrances, exits, or anywhere else a normal vending machine can fit.

Why RVMs now?

  • Deposit return scheme (DRS): the UK government has plans to legally obligate retailers to charge 20p deposit on PET bottles by 2025
  • Retailers will also be obligated to  make bottle returns possible for customers
  • The Republic of Ireland successfully launched a DRS in February 2024
  • Tesco & Lidl have been leading the charge
  • Retail brand ‘first movers’ have an opportunity to ‘discount’ and incentivise consumers ahead of legislation. (e.g 20p in-app Store card credits)


Our Method Efficiency


Normal Recycling Process


Did you know?

Over 2 million tonnes of plastic have been introduced to the market in the UK in 2020, of which 643 000 were plastic bottles.

Plastic recycling requires well-sorted and contamination-free (clean!) plastic waste.

…as little as 9% (National Geographic) – OR as much as 44% (DEFRA) – of plastic IS recycled. Most of this is from industrial waste, not consumer waste.


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Our Mission

Here at Bottld we guarantee that every plastic bottle collected will be recycled, helping and leading to a better environmental future.


We are expecting the RVM to be available on the Q1 of 2025

Supermarkets, University campuses, Schools, Sport centres, Shopping centres, Airports

Via the bottld app and/or branded store rewards

Milk bottles, water bottles, Juice bottles, any other liquid bottles, any other PET material that fits within the bottle aperture.

Up to 2L bottles

Voucher credits on the app or branded store rewards

You don’t need to. The machine does it for you. 

You will need to recycle the bottle via your bin collection or the bins provided within your area.

Yes, an aperture is provided as part of the RVM to collect these.

Yes, the RVM can be wrapped to your requirements.

Maintenance is included in the monthly lease.

The RVM needs to be under cover, protected from the elements.

Just a electrical 240V plug and access to Wi-Fi connection

No need to purchase. The machines are provided on a highly affordable monthly lease basis.

Image of Bottld RVM mock up on transparent background

Trial a Pilot Scheme
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Because your staff & customers will love it.

If you’re interested in trialling a pilot scheme for Bottld RVM (perfect for smaller venues), or you’d like to receive VIP invites to pre-launch events where we’ll be revealing the prototype of the  innovative Bottld RVM, express early interest by adding your details below. 

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